Release of Information

Release of Information

Recordflow Brings Superior Service and Technology Together to Manage Your Release of Information Requests.

Release of information is a complex process consisting of 32 distinct steps—a process that is costly and time-consuming for your staff.

At Recordflow, we have this process down to a science. With over ten years of Medical Record Retrieval experience, 1400 HIPAA trained experts, and two million record requests per year, our release of information technology is 100% HIPAA compliant and the most advanced and cost effective for your practice in the industry.

Allow your team to focus on your patients while Recordflow fulfills requests in a HIPAA compliant, timely manner. With Recordflow Release of Information, you will save time, resources, and money.

Recordflow's proven and efficient ROI services and technology for exchanging protected health information (PHI) can bring your facility peace of mind. Some of our features include:








No Calls from


No-Cost Solution

1Release of Information requests coming to your office? Recordflow it!
HIPAA COMPLIANT: Our ROI services are delivered by Recordflow's HIPAA trained and certified staff. We continually monitor the industry and respond to new changes in Meaningful Use and HIPAA Laws.

SUPERIOR SERVICE: Whether your requests are paper, electronic, or a hybrid, our ROI staff efficiently delivers up-to-date, accurate records. Our double audits on every release ensure that your records are released securely, quickly, and accurately. Records may also be integrated seamlessly into your EHR.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY :Our state-of-the-art technology is secure and efficient, delivering results faster and more reliably than other servicers.
NO CALLS FROM REQUESTORS :Recordflow handles the process from beginning to end, which frees up your staff to focus on more important things. Get a walk-in request from a patient, hand them our card, and we will take care of it! This leads to better customer service, enhanced patient satisfaction, and increased staff productivity.
FLEXIBLE, NO-COST SOLUTION :At Recordflow, our ROI services are absolutely no charge to you. We even pay for postage on non-billable requests! We also tailor our experience to each provider and offer flexible solutions that work best for your office environment.

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